Project Newly built apartment complex Duyndoorn - Den Haag / Scheveningen (NL)
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Newly built apartment complex Duyndoorn - Den Haag / Scheveningen (NL)

Scheveningseweg 106, Den Haag
Main contractor
Bouw- en aannemersbedrijf Schouten
Broersma Ingenieursbureau
Engineering firm
170 meter
15 meter
Ground profile
Project information

In The Hague next to the Scheveningsweg 106 is a beautiful place against an existing dune. On this plot is a newly built apartment complex called "Duyndoorn" realized. The apartment comes next to the existing dune. Below the apartment is a one-storey car park. To realize the new building with parking, constructive walls are required on 3 sides of the plot. The walls have a permanent feature and will even remain visible in the permanent situation. Due to the natural character of the area with the dune, a retaining wall whose appearance matched the surroundings was wished for. That’s why, it has been decided to apply a CSM-wall. With the CSM system the dune sand is mixed with fluency cementmix. The dune sand is mixing well and will give a perfect homogenous wall as a result. The natural look of the CSM wall fits perfectly with the surroundings. In addition to other systems, the CSM system fits perfectly in the situation while it’s vibration free and with low noise.

The project progress

Foto's van 2016-04-05

Foto's van 2016-06-23

Foto's van 2016-09-07

Foto's van 2016-09-21

Foto's van 2016-09-26

Foto's van 2016-09-27

Foto's van 2016-09-28

Foto's van 2016-10-07

Foto's van 2016-10-13

Foto's van 2016-10-27

Foto's van 2016-10-28

Foto's van 2016-11-02

Foto's van 2016-11-15

Foto's van 2016-11-25

Foto's van 2017-01-12

Foto's van 2017-01-30

Foto's van 2017-02-01

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This is what we offer

To relieve, by reducing execution risk and disruption to a minimum with the revolutionary, sustainable CSM-system. Achieving profit in time and cost by performing a complete cofferdam with an optimum method.


15-02-2016: BodemBouw starts with cooperating with contractor Mobilis in Elst
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08-01-2016: BodemBouw has completed the CSM-work for a closed cofferdam with CSM-walls, in Alverna
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