The demand for underground construction through Spatial Planning is increasing, particularly in the Netherlands. However, underground construction requires a specialization in geotechnical engineering. This speciality should be applicable in terms of knowledge and theory with regard to soil structure, soil properties, groundwater and its consequences. It should also be possible to apply this speciality in a practical context when determining the applicability of a system and feasibility of an underground construction project.

BodemBouw offers this speciality in the field of underground construction. In this respect, BodemBouw has more than 10 years of expertise and experience in numerous underground construction projects in the Benelux.


BodemBouw possesses a new CSM machine that enables the company to concentrate on projects in which the Cutter Soil Mix technique can be applied. BodemBouw aspires to use its expertise and experience with regard to the CSM technique and other underground work in order to offer a comprehensive range of services to the main contractor. BodemBouw provides the entire range of engineering work and preparations. By all means BodemBouw aims at providing the optimal planning and method of execution. All work activities are aligned and the various subcontractors will be supervised during execution so that the best result is acquired. Safety, local residents and the surroundings are key considerations in all work that will be provided by Bodembouw.


BodemBouw is aiming at establishing long-term relationships with customers, based on the award of contracts, trust, cooperation and results. BodemBouw therefore has the asprire to become a partner for numerous regular customers in the fields of underground work and cofferdams.

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This is what we offer

To relieve, by reducing execution risk and disruption to a minimum with the revolutionary, sustainable CSM-system. Achieving profit in time and cost by performing a complete cofferdam with an optimum method.


15-02-2016: BodemBouw starts with cooperating with contractor Mobilis in Elst
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08-01-2016: BodemBouw has completed the CSM-work for a closed cofferdam with CSM-walls, in Alverna
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