Project Underground rainwater storage, square Saint Petrus Banden - Maastricht (NL)
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Underground rainwater storage, square Saint Petrus Banden - Maastricht (NL)

Plein Sint Petrus Banden, Maastricht
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During heavy rainfall in Maastricht, water remains on-street. To combat the floating, several measures have already been taken, such as the construction of an open buffer at the Joseph Bechlaan and a storage box in the Underground Church. The area surrounding is low located, that is why this is the location where water on-road occurs due to insufficient hydraulic discharge capacity for this kind of extreme rain. This phenomenon has increased while extreme weather is getting more common and so this becomes a problem in many areas throughout the country.


A great solution is a sewer water storage or a storage settling tank so the capacity to store excess rainwater increases considerably. This solution is also provided at the Saint Petrus Banden in Maastricht. Since the square is surrounded by existing houses, a vibration-free construction method is needed. There is also chosen for a closed cofferdam with an under seal of "underwater concrete" so that the groundwater in the area is not affected during the excavation of the cofferdam. The focus for projects in Maastricht is always the hard base with layers of gravel and marl. That is why the application of the Cutter Soilmix system is perfect in Maastricht.


BodemBouw constructs a four-sided closed cofferdam with Cutter Soil Mixing walls. The Cutter Soil Mixing System is ideal in combination with underwater concrete. Through extensive position measurements in the Cutter head can be guaranteed that the CSM-slices will be milled to the correct position as a connecting wall. Risk of leakage during the excavation, is thereby excluded. The CSM wall is very highly water retaining thereby directly creating a workable situation for pumping the cofferdam.


The Cutter Soilmix system fits perfectly on water storage projects and the construction of basins. Such projects are often located in a built environment which asks for vibration-free work with a low-noise system. The result of the CSM-wall can be used permanently in the construction of the storage room or basin. Feel free to inform us about the opportunities...

The project progress

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To relieve, by reducing execution risk and disruption to a minimum with the revolutionary, sustainable CSM-system. Achieving profit in time and cost by performing a complete cofferdam with an optimum method.


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