Project Newly built shopping centre with parking basement Anklaar - Apeldoorn (NL)
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Newly built shopping centre with parking basement Anklaar - Apeldoorn (NL)

Sluisoordlaan x Tannhauserstraat Apeldoorn
Main contractor
fa. Kamphorst
Pieters Bouwtechniek
Engineering firm
Fugro Geo-advies Oost-Nederland
107 meter
15 meter
Ground profile
Project information

For the realization of the parking basement from the newly built shopping centre “Anklaar” in Apeldoorn, is a construction team formed by Kamphorst. BodemBouw is part of the construction team and will make a CSM-wall alongside the existing Scala building. The other partners of the construction team is “Sterk” for the sheet piles and “Kamphorst” will provide the groundwork and directing of the construction team. A construction team creates an optimal collaboration and construction time. To limit the water objection, Fugro advised to perform the excavation within a sheet pile wall. The sheet piles reach into the natural water barrier, creating a polder cofferdam. On one side the cofferdam lays to an existing building "Scala" within striking distance of the proposed retaining wall. The existing building "Scala" is founded on piles. The sheet piles muss reach until it the water retaining clay layer at -7.0 m. N.A.P. and will therefore be placed deeper than the pile tip level of the piles beneath the Scala building. It is therefore necessary to apply a ground retaining wall with a vibration-free method. In view of the practical situation, and in order to prevent settlement risk, the ground retaining wall is to be considered as lost. CSM-wall application at the Scala building, offers a good solution.

The project progress

Foto's van 2016-07-04

Foto's van 2016-07-06

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Foto's van 2017-06-18

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To relieve, by reducing execution risk and disruption to a minimum with the revolutionary, sustainable CSM-system. Achieving profit in time and cost by performing a complete cofferdam with an optimum method.


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