Project Newly built villa with basement and pool - Den Bosch (NL)
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Newly built villa with basement and pool - Den Bosch (NL)

Maria van Bourgondiesingel 15, Den Bosch
Main contractor
de Visser Bouw en Onderhoud
Frans Kerkhof (Ingenieursbureau van Nunen)
Engineering firm
77 meter
12 meter
Ground profile
Project information

For the realization of a basement and swimming pool, beneath a newly built house at the Maria Bourgondiesingel 's- Hertogenbosch, an excavation is needed. BodemBouw is the contractor to execute all the work for the construction pit, namely:

  • CSM wall ( retaining walls )
  • Steel construction window
  • Dewatering
  • Digging

Realizing the CSM walls and steel construction window will be performed by BodemBouw. For taking care of the dewatering, BodemBouw contracted partner " Raaijmakers and Zn. bronbemaling" and for the groundwork partner "van de Beeten " is been contracted. BodemBouw will retain a global view of the entire excavation and prepare and guide the outsourced activities. In this way BodemBouw remains a helicopter view of the quality of the cofferdam and the best possible result is pursued with less failure and unforeseen costs and within the fastest construction time.

The project progress

Foto's van 2016-04-19

Foto's van 2016-05-18

Foto's van 2016-06-02

Foto's van 2016-06-06

Foto's van 2016-06-08

Foto's van 2016-06-16

Foto's van 2016-06-24

Foto's van 2016-07-06

Foto's van 2016-07-07

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This is what we offer

To relieve, by reducing execution risk and disruption to a minimum with the revolutionary, sustainable CSM-system. Achieving profit in time and cost by performing a complete cofferdam with an optimum method.


15-02-2016: BodemBouw starts with cooperating with contractor Mobilis in Elst
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08-01-2016: BodemBouw has completed the CSM-work for a closed cofferdam with CSM-walls, in Alverna
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